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Working with Brook Greenberg, MA, LMHCA, LMT

Born and raised in the Northwest rain, I have a deep appreciation for sunshine, open water, tall trees, and fine coffee. I am fascinated with people, critters, and all that grows.

My work has evolved over decades, beginning way back in the 1990s. Psychology was the first thing that just made sense to me. The next chapter brought me to healing through bodywork. And now, I'm bringing the two together under one roof.

In my years of experience, I have found that some clients come to physical healing through therapy, and others might find their way to counseling after receiving bodywork. Healing Your Whole Self, PLLC offers both counseling and bodywork services because people are not body and mind - but both - at the same time.

Clients can see me for both - or either with no pressure or expectation. Sessions are scheduled separately, but can work together, if you choose. Do you have questions? Great! I'd love to hear from you.

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