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Treatment during a time of COVID: What to Expect?

We are in "uncharted waters", "unprecedented times".  You know that.  I know that.  Receiving treatment right will likely feel different for each client.  The new restrictions in Washington State have no impact on our practice, due to the one-on-one nature of this work. Please know that this work is meant to be healing and I am here to answer questions or address any concerns.

You may text or email me here.

Coaching sessions will be held online or via phone until further notice.  I have a great Zoom account that I can use OR can learn new software fairly quickly if you prefer another platform.  Of course, there is always the phone, as well.  I know some of you spend far too much time in video meetings as it is.  Meeting times will be arranged with each client, individually. 

Massage sessions will require more of a departure from the norm.  After some time away to strategize, I returned to client work, armed with a hefty supply of clorox wipes and loads of masks and empathy.  As I have high-risk family members in my home, their health is of utmost importance to me, of course.  In light of this, if you are scheduling a massage, please be aware of the following steps I will be taking to limit possible exposure to COVID-19 for everyone who shares this space. 

  • Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email from me outlining this protocol.  Upon receipt of this message, please read it thoroughly and reply that you have read it and are in agreement.  This will prevent you from having to sign any paperwork after you arrive at the office.

  • You will also receive a DocuSign document with screening questions prior to your appointment.  It is fillable and signable online.  Please complete it the day before/day of your appointment so that all responses are as current as possible.

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment, and not early, as there is no separate waiting area. Knock, call, or text me (206/354-0641) and I will open the door for you. The door will remain locked at all other times. 

  • Please arrive in a mask.  If you do not have one with you, I will provide one for you. (I will also be wearing a mask throughout our session, and will change it after every client, to avoid cross-contamination)

  • Upon arrival, please wash your hands thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds, as we check-in. 

  • In addition to our typical check-in questions, I will be asking a few more day-of screening questions to be sure we are both prepared to work together.  

  • A bin will be provided for your belongings during your session (and sanitized after each client). 

  • I have scheduled ample time between client sessions to thoroughly clean and sanitize all shared surfaces.

  • A GermGuardian air purifier has been placed in the space to help keep circulating air as clean as possible, and fresh air will be circulating via our window fan/air conditioning unit. 

  • Payment will be collected either prior to your session (via Schedulicity) or post-session via PayPal or Venmo for the time being.

  • I will not be wearing gloves for the session but will be changing my shirt and mask for each client, as well as thoroughly washing my hands and arms before and after our work together.  Hand sanitizer will be available at all times, as well.  If you prefer that I wear gloves, please let me know! I have non-latex surgical gloves at the ready.

  • It probably goes without saying, but if you are feeling unwell, please stay home! We can discuss rescheduling to waive late-cancelation fees. It is more important that we all take care of ourselves and one another right now.

  • Just as before, remember that this is your session and you call the shots.  You can end the session at any time, for any reason.


Thank you for trusting me, and for being trustworthy, as we move through this uncertainty together. 

Sending so much love your way!

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