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Self-care in REAL LIFE: Small changes you can make right now to squeeze more joy out of every single day

Many people confuse self-care with pampering. Pampering is viewed as indulgent, expensive and unnecessary.  Because of this misconception, many people are under the impression that they cannot afford self-care, when in fact, their lack of it is what comes at a cost.  (Aren't you feeling exhausted and depleted?)  


Self-care is simply showing yourself the same kindness, patience, and care that you would for your dearest loved ones.  It is a regular practice that keeps you functioning at a high level, both personally and professionally. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.  


This 90 minute workshop will help to clearly define your self-care needs and give you a targeted plan for realistic implementation.


Healing Your Whole Self

2918 NE 55th St

Seattle WA 98105

Cost is just $20 and covers all supplies + snacks!

Stay tuned for upcoming workshop dates!













Image by Nick Fewings
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