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Creating change in your life is difficult.  


Research has proven, time and time again, that having someone to help keep you motivated and accountable can increase your chances of success dramatically.  


I have experience helping people lose weight, quit smoking, change their diets, implementing fitness routines, and focus on self-care and stress management.  If you are ready to make a change for the better and you want a partner on your side - let me know!  

Healing Your Whole Self offerings:




Six week Introductory Program

See how coaching will work for you!

Personalized goal setting in any area of your health

Weekly meetings + online support

Find your unique motivation and the

Accountability to make change happen

Break-up Triage: 

Self-care for the freshly forlorn

30 days to get you through your most brutal time

Weekly calls/meetings + online support


Get Healthy(er) than you are right now:

Wellness tune-up when things have gone a bit awry

90 days to a new-and-improved version of you

Weekly or biweekly calls/meetings + online support


Whole You:

Step-by-step, personalized guidance, and attention

in EVERY area of your well-being

180 days (6 mos) for a 180-degree change

Weekly or biweekly calls/meetings + online support


As always - a complimentary meet & greet is offered via phone/Zoom. It’s got to be a good fit if it’s going to be effective, so let’s chat about what you’re looking for and what I know I can do for you!


Text (206)354-0641 or

Email or

Click below to schedule

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